Avalon Park Rotary Scholarship

Seniors: Please apply for this scholarship!! There are NO restrictions on it. ALL seniors going to college in 2017 can apply!! They have only received 5 submission so far!! & they give out MULTIPLE scholarships. Please download and apply!! Application Letter Advertisements

Bright Futures Qualifications

Check out the cheat sheet below with the qualifications to receive Bright Futures. Thank you to the fabulous Ms. Schweim for the information! Bright Futures Cheat Sheet

Top 20 Power Point

Below you will find the Top 20 PowerPoint with information on the 2017 Best Universities and College, as well as information on how to fill out the Common, Coalition, and Quest Bridge applications. Top 20 PPT  Click here to complete the Exit Ticket for today! Email Ms. Bray: Tayler.Bray@ocps.net


Check out the link below for everything you need to know about FAFSA!! Everything You Need to Know About FAFSA

Scholarships 2016-2017

Check out the link below with all of the current scholarships available to you!! Apply and get that FREE money!! Scholarships 2016-2017

Virtual Reality College Field Trips

Have you ever wondered what the campus of Harvard or Columbia looks like, but cannot visit their campus? Check out the link below to virtually visit one of the campuses!! Virtual Reality College Visits

Senior Year Pacing Guide

Senior Year Pacing Guide I have created a pacing guide to “guide” your student for a successful senior year. And as always, we are here to support them in this endeavor.  Thank you to Mrs. Ramirez, from Oak Ridge for this helpful guide! 1st Semester Pacing Guide

Top 20 Matrix

Below is the Top 20 Matrix for 2016-2017 as listed by US News Week. Top 20 Matrix 2016-2017


Find out about the UHS FAFSA night and how to get free $$!

Welcome to the CCRC

Learn about the new College and Career Specialist & what the CCRC can do for you!